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Society Islands



 Tombant Parea





Cruise Northern Tuamotu


10 Days & 9 Nights

Sail and Discover the Polynesian Atolls

Embarking Port is Rangiroa & Disembarking Port is Tikehau


10 Days & 9 Nights


1st Day : Rangiroa
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We will start our sailing in the lagoon of Rangiroa in the direction of Motu Mahitu (North East part of the atoll).This is a nice place to get into the motu mood ! We will anchor there for the night.

2nd Day : Rangiroa
Sailing in the direction of Motu Anatia (center South of the atoll). This is a very unique place called "Feos" in tahitian: "Feos" are walls of coral along the reef which create pools where you can snorkel just like in an aquarium. We will anchor at this motu for the night.

3rd Day : Rangiroa
Sailing to Motu Ovete (South part of the atoll). This motu in Rangiroa is famous for its birds. We can observe them easily. It is also possible to visit the "hoa" (sea passages between the reef and the lagoon) with the dinghy.We will stay at Motu Ovete overnight.
4th Day : Rangiroa
Sailing to Motu Vahituri (South East part of the atoll) to visit "Les Sables Roses" (Pink Sands) It's all pink there due to plenty of pink little shells. The colors of the sand with the blue of the water make this spot very unusual. We will anchor at this location for the night.
 5th Day : Rangiroa
Sailing to Motu Tevaro (South East part of the atoll) Anchor there to meet the owners of a little "shell factory" and have a look on local handicraft made out of shells. It's a tipical "puamotu place" (the Puamotu are the inhabitants of the Tuamotu atolls).In the afternoon sailing back to Tiputa with a stop, if the weather is OK, for a snorkeling at the little Motu Nao Nao located in the middle of the atoll. Anchor at Tiputa for the night.
6th Day : Rangiroa
After breakfast, shopping for a couple of hours in Avatoru. Then, sailing to Motu Paio to snorkel and visit this little nice motu. Sail back to Avatoru by the end of the afternoon and anchor for the night close to the entry pass.
7th Day : Rangiroa / Tikehau
Sailing to Tikehau.
It will take a whole day sailing at sea. Arrival at the end of the afternoon. We will moor close to the entry pass located at the South West part of the atoll.
8th Day  : Tikehau
In the morning, with the dinghy we can visit the famous fish traps of Tikehau.  Then sailing to Motu Oeoe. We will anchor there and will spend the rest of the day   on the motu for bird watching and snorkeling. We will stay there overnight.
9th Day : Tikehau
Sailing to Motu Ohihi (East part of the atoll) We will make a stop to snorkel and to visit all the little motu in the area. In the afternoon, we will continue the sailing down to Motu Haarihoa and we will anchor there for the night.
10th Day : Tikehau
Continuation of the sailing along the east part of the atoll until the main village of Tuherahere. The village is nice and is located close to the airport. You can plan to disembark by the end of the afternoon around 4 p.m

For this cruise, embarking port is Rangiroa and disembarking port is Tikehau.

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